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The Bastard Beat EP 12"

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Brand new limited edition 5 track EP on 12" Vinyl from Glasgow's, We Can Still Picnic Records.


1. Nothing On Earth
2. Bastard Beat


1. The Sound of Casual Sex
2. Then Again
3. What's Your Daughter For?


The Skinny:

"It's not often you hear an EP sounding so accomplished. It's rarer still to find five songs with as much humour and invention as these." 4/5


"The sordid sound of Mark. E Smith swanking around a high-class brothel which is something you didn't even know you needed in your life" 7/10

Little Indie Blogs:

"The Bastard Beat EP is chock-full of dirty basslines, off-kilter grooves and lyricism that harbours all the bite and snarl of punk. It's dirty and guttural, but in the best kind of way." 8/10

Middle Music:

"Casual Sex have produced some of the most engaging music in Glasgow over the last year or so. If this sounds like hyperbole, then please forgive us, but when a band like this comes along it’s hard not to get lost in it." 9/10

When You Motor Away:

"You hear the music, you feel the music, and it feels like it belongs. You may not have realised that the absence of sleazy guitar pop was a void in your life that demands to be filled. But listen to The Bastard Beat EP and the truth will win out."

The Daily Record:

"Scotland's latest, hottest band"